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East Coast Vapor

Electronic cigrattes are said to be a healthy way to smoke and also to helo people to get over the real cigarettes step by step. E-Cig has been popularized because of the bad effects the cigarettes do to human body. East Coast Vapor offers you electronic cigarettes that might be quite expensive yet are safe. You can charge it or change its flavors but still receive the same safe benefits. For ecig accessories at best prices, East Coast Vapor is the place to be.


The company was started 2012 by Josua Sanders. It all started with the desire of Joshua Sander's wife to stop his smoking habit. As time goes by, Joshua tried to switch for electronic cigarette but it does not work. But during cold weather, Joshua Sanders keep on smoking outside their house and he cannot contain the cold weather, then he decided to try using an e-cigarette in order that he can smoke indoor. With that, he started to like his e-cigarette. It greatly affects his health - his sense of smell came back and he can sleep well. Both his wife and him are not just selling these products, they are using it.


Smoking Without Fire!

Smoking Without Fire