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Smoking and Skin: Aging Has Never Been this Bad

Effects of Smoking

What is a beautiful skin? For most people, they would say that a healthy and beautiful skin should be glowing but having so is never easy. Both men and women try all the efforts they have just to have or to maintain their beautiful skin. With a lot of pollution, the harsh sun, and the kind of lifestyle people live nowadays, having a beautiful skin requires a lot of work to do. The skin is supposed to age naturally but with these factors, aging becomes worst. And one factor that contributes to the damages incurred by the skin is smoking. Smoking, as known to many has detrimental effects to the human body as it causes serious diseases which lead people to suffer. But what they failed to know is that smoking makes them age the most painful and unpleasant way.

It Ages You
Aside from hard living and sun damage, the nicotine content in a cigarette adds more years to one’s appearance. Smoking has significant aging effects. When one inhales the cigarette, there are more than a trillion free radicals that are produced in the lungs. These free radicals trigger an inflammatory response that would circulate in the whole body. And this is also the reason why the term “smoker’s face” has been coined. This is a characteristic wherein people tend to look older than they should be. They have lines and wrinkles on their face, radiating at right angles from the both the upper and lower lips and in the corners of the eyes. Deep lines and shallow lines on the cheeks and lower jaw are also visible. Added are the subtle gauntness in the features and a grey skin palour.

Depletes Collagen
A cigarette has more than 4,000 toxins; most of them are directly absorbed into the bloodstream and are taken by the blood going to the skin’s structure. In addition, smoking causes the blood vessels of the skin to constrict, thus thickening and reduced oxygen level occurs. At the same time, it reduces the collagen level of the skin.

Thins the Skin
As a result of poor circulation, the skin of a smoker is thinner, and signs of premature aging are visible, having lines and wrinkles which are more established. It has been found out that the smoker’s skin is a quarter thinner compared to the non-smokers. In some cases, the differences can reach up to 40 percent.

Alters Body Shape
Maintaining a good figure is a tough thing. But with smoking, things would get worse. Smoking creates an imbalance in hormone levels among women which then leads to the changes in their body shape. And perhaps, you might have heard that smokers are thinner than non-smokers. Smoking also affects the endocrinal system. This gland is responsible for hormone secretion that changes the shape of the body by increasing the waist-to-hip ratio. This is why despite weighing less they tend to be potbellied with spindly legs. And this can actually be due to fact that smoking upsets the hormone levels, causing the smokers to store an amount of fat in an abnormal way.

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