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Quit Smoking Excuses: What’s yours?

Nicotine is an addictive substance that is found in a tobacco smoke which is responsible for causing addiction, and this is what makes quitting extremely difficult. People who have been addicted to smoking crave for nicotine just for them to feel “normal”. And with a dose of nicotine, they satisfy the craving and control their mood. When one is in the state of addiction, he is basically oblivious of the detrimental effects of smoking. He may not even feel them or simply ignore them. They only get to be awakened when they start feeling some health conditions or when they start to get sick and suffer from smoking related diseases. Then they would try to quit the habit. In doing so, there are those who have been successful but other fail. But why is it so? The question is that, if others were able to succeed, what did the rest do?

When it comes to smoking, only those who have the will and opted for alternatives will come out successful. What makes “quitting” impossible is not merely the level of addiction that one has but the excuses they often make. And if you are a smoker who wanted to quit but failed to do so, maybe you have committed some of these excuses.

Why You Should Stop Smoking?

Excuse 1: The Damage has been done
Some people think that only because they smoke, they already have the chance of getting cancer and other smoking-related diseases, and quitting would not make a difference. But the reality is that, the moment you quit, your body would start repairing on its own. Then you would notice improvements in breathing and sense of smell and taste after a few days of stopping. Moreover, you would also be able to improve the health of your friends and family as you do not expose them to passive smoking.

Excuse 2: Weight Gain
Medical evidences have shown that nicotine does not stop you from getting hungry. Nicotine actually allows you to burn calories faster, but as long as you know you need less food energy, quitting smoking will not make you gain weight. Eat low-fat options and opt for an activity instead of substituting cigarettes with food.

Excuse 3: I’ll get stressed
In contrast to the common assumption, nicotine does not make a person calm down. It is the nicotine cravings that you have that actually make you feel anxious and stressed, thus, when you smoke you feel calmer. But you will feel less stressed when you quit and when the craving is gone.

Excuse 4: It will ruin my Social life
For most smokers, cigarette smoking is an integral part of their social life. There are people who classify themselves as social smoker who only smokes with their friends and during night outs. And there are also the kinds of people who always have cigarette breaks. Though social smoking might be better than heavy smoking, it is important to know that any cigarette smoking would create damages and have detrimental effects to health.

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