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Cigarette Smoking: A Checklist of What to Suffer

Smoking Effects

Smokers would often say that it is the “pleasure” that they experience when they puff that makes them inseparable with it. Without them knowing, such pleasure is not only short term but it also gives them serious health problems that they might be suffering for the rest of their lives. The chemical contents in a cigarette decreases the amount of oxygen supplied to the heart which causes fatigue, especially when one does any physical activity. In addition, smoking also causes damage to the cells in the arteries, as well as blood vessels through time which leads to diseases and illnesses.


Lung Diseases

The risk of acquiring chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and pneumonia increases as a result of smoking. These diseases are usually called as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). These lung diseases may be ongoing and may get worse through time until when a person finally dies from such condition.


Smoking can increase the risk of people to develop diabetes. At the same time, there can also be a rise in the complications like heart disease, eye disease, vascular disease, kidney disease, stroke, and even foot problems.

Lung and other cancer

Lung cancer has always been connected to smoking, which is another contributor to mouth cancer, throat and esophagus, and voice box or larynx. Smoking is also linked to pancreas, kidney, bladder, cervix and stomach. Some leukemia conditions can be attributed to it as well.

Heart Disease

Heart Disease

Smoking is one cause of atherosclerosis. This condition is caused by the build up in the arteries of fatty substances. As a result, one suffers from heart disease. The harder the heart works, the higher the tendency that the strain would result in angina (chest pain). If one of the arteries gets completely blocked, a heart attack may happen. Thus, the more cigarette consumption and the longer the person smokes, the greater would be the chances for him to develop heart diseases or suffer from heart attack.



Smokers are at risk of developing macular degeneration, the most common cause of blindness among older people. Smokers have up to four times risk of developing it than non-smokers. This condition damages the center of retina, macula, and destroys the sharp central vision.


Smoking is a major factor for developing vascular disease, wherein the blood vessels that carry the blood throughout the body narrows. This includes the blood vessels to the penis that may get affected, which results in erectile dysfunction.

Gum Disease

Aside from the cancers in the throat and mouth areas, smoking also increases the risk of different gum diseases and it causes breath and tooth problems. Moreover, smoking hinders the healing process as it reduces the nutrients and oxygen to the gum tissues.

These things are just some of the many damaging effects of smoking to one’s health. And they can be prevented when one decides to quit by resorting to the different alternatives available such as an electronic cigarette starter kit. Quitting and never smoking is the best way to spare our lives from a habit that kills.


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