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Withdrawal Symptoms to Overcome in Quitting Smoking

withdrawal symptoms

Going through the process of quitting cigarette smoking is not as easy as any non-smoker can probably say because there are some sacrifices that have to be made in order to make it safe and successful. It is always the challenge for the smokers who have decided to push it through knowing that such difficult stage is muchbetter than the consequences they might possibly face if the vice is not stopped early. Some of them ended up with good result, but others were not able to resist the temptation of inhaling the deadly smoke once again.


This is what were some studies that focused on the probability of quitters to develop second smoking habit after cessation, and the common reason for which is their inability to fight out the following symptoms: 



It is difficult to deal with both psychological and physical cravings especially during the initial stage of smoking cessation, but this can be surpassed if you counter it with positive reinforcement of yourself plus the available medications. You can overcome the psychological craving by diverting yourself into other things than thinking of smoking, and on the other hand, the physical one can be countered with various ways such as taking alternative medicines as nicotine supplement.


Without nicotine that serves as stimulant of your body, there is greater absorption of caffeine from the foods and drinks that you take which can result to sleeplessnes or restlessness. When you experience this, you have to lessen or avoid drinking too much tea or coffee and shift rather into healthier supplements such as fruit juices and water.

Depression and Anxiety

Along with the irritability that might possibilly occur as the nicotine level drops down in the smoker's body, there is also possibility of experiencing depression and anxiety. It has been noted that this is closely related to the biological process or adjustment from nicotine withdrawal which may last for the first three weeks or longer.

Coughing and Headaches

These are said to be the common cause by the cilia which is responsible in cleaning the tar and mucus out of the smoker's lungs. Further, there is also possibility that this can be added with sore throats, indigestion,and diarrhea that may last over four days. Nevertheless, you can always fight these symptoms off by taking medications that you can buy over the counter or as your doctor may prescribe.

Weight Gain

This may not be a problem at all for other smokers, but for some who care for their figure or over-all wellness, such always matters. Thus, to avoid gaining more weight considering that your apetite will increase in the process, you have to observe proper diet at all times or consult your doctor regarding this.

Fatigue and Lack of Concentration

It is common among smokers to experience tiredness or physical fatige during the initial week, but you have nothing to worry on this because your condition will get back to normal when your body has already adapted the current biochemical porcesses taking place within. Many have found it best to counter this syptom by joining into some activities like jogging or biking to divert their focus or attention into which.

Your battle in fighting off the aforementioned withdrawal symptoms in smoking cessation is one crucial thing that you really have to win for a longer life that you can ever live. 

About the Author:   Sarah is the writer of East Coast Vapor, an online store for electronic cigarette starter kit, electronic cigarette batteries and also cartridges. Writing has been her long passion and she has an ambition of publishing her own book. She is also fond of photography, reading and now traveling.

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