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Why Smoking is One Deadliest Vice You Can Ever Have?

Deadliest Vice

Developing smoking vice has never been tough among people who have dared to try and later enjoyedthe satisfaction and companion that they can get out of it, but ironically, quitting suchhas never been easy because of the sacrifices and suffering that a person should first go through to ensure success in the process. You might have been in this case and experiencedhow strange is the feeling to prevent yourself from giving in to the craving to smoke every morning or during those timeswhen you could hardly get out of stress. Well, you are not alone in this situation because according to the latest record of the health authorities, a lot of smokers are no going through therapies to quit smoking knowing for a fact that it is one major cause of premature deaths in the United States.


That alone is one proof of how deadly is the smoking vice for people of all ages, and this whether you have realized or not at the outset, is not simply a form of discouragement. This is verifiable with the National Cancer Institute that had recently published statistics of the deaths caused by cigarette smoking, and these are some of the significant facts it has noted: (1) Over 440,000 deaths are caused by cigarette smoking each year, (2) Ninety-percent of cancer deaths among men and eighty-percent among women in the United States are due to smoking, and (3) Smokers have six times possibility of suffering from heart attack than people who do not smoke. These and many other threatening facts are a compelling reason to quit smoking, but if you are not yet convinced with that, then the following can better enlighten you why smoking can be a dealiest vice:


Tobbaco Smoking is the Largest Cause of Death in the United States

According to the report of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cigarette smoking is the cause of thousands of deaths in the United States every year despite the fact that such can be prevented. Not only that is horrible because an estimated of $96 Billion are spent annually for medication of diseases developed out of first or second-hand smoke. This is primarily the reason why the government implemented population-based prevention strategies such as raising the price of cigarettes and using media for thecampaignagainst tobbaco smoking.


Second-hand Smoke Kills Even the New-born Babies


It is not only the asthma which may be developed in the lung of babies through second-hand smoke that is alarming, but more so, the risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) that hadalready killed innocent lives. This is caused when the smoke from the cigarette affects the child's brain and interfere and block normal breathing. It is quite prevalent among pregnant woment who smoke or those who do not but have high exposure to second-hand smoke.


Smoking Habit Cuts Years from the Life-span of Smokers

smoking Kills

If you are not afraid to die because of smoking but want to live longer as any other fit individuals could, then you really have to quit it as soon as possible because current studies reveal that smokers have lower life-span than those people who do not smoke. Specifically, the medical finding noted that a thirty-year old smoker can expect thirty-five more years, while the non-smokers still have fifty-three more years to live.


These are just some of the factual reasons why cigarette smoking can be the most deadliest vice that any person could ever have. So given this, would you still continue smoking and kill not only yourself but also other people? Make a good choice because many innocent lives are at stake. 


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