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Why Quitting Smoking is Tougher than Starting the Vice?

Quit Smoking Habits
Quit Smoking Habits

As always experienced by smokers who want to quit such vice or shift into something safer, the process of withdrawing what they have long been practicing is a tougher job. It is jus like a battle among themselves expecially that the cravings for smoke are often what tempt them to inhale and exhale again the kind of addiction that is hard to sacrifice. This is a giving up that requires much of willingness and courage on the part of the smoker and support from peers, friends, or family towards a successful recovery in which the psychological and biological functioning of a person is being renewed or normalized.


You are probably aware that smoking habit is both a ritual that conditions the mind and a vice that leads a person to develop cigarette addiction. Thus, it is not unusual that a smoker would feel uneasy in the process of quiting for such is a manifestation or symptom that his mind and body are adujusting. But if such can be tolerated by the smoker, it can result to a successful quitting of the smoking habit that has already killed thousands of people. Nevertheless, to better understand why it seems so hard for you to quit the vice and what you can do to withdraw it successfully, these are the essential facts that you should know:


Top Three Reasons for a Hard-to-Quit Smoking Habit


  • Biological Addiction – with thousands of chemicals produced by burned cigarettes and some of which are very addictive, it is not surprising that smokers are having hard time in quitting their habit. The nicotine, for instance, is the main reason why cravings for tobacco smoke is so high during the initial days of the quitting process because such has conditioned the body for immediate release of sugar. Thus, it is advised that smokers should consume foods high of sugar on those days so as to avoid giving in to the tempting craving.


  • Psychological Craving – when the mind is used to what a person usually does, it seems automatic for one to continue such habit regularly. This somewhat explains why some smokers have tendency of smoking cigarette when they see people who smoke. But this does not mean as beyond the smoker's control because as psychology books would tell, it is always the mind that rules over the matter and the person himself is the controller of his own mind.


  • Peer Pressure – this is common among teens who can hardly avoid smoking cigarette when they are with their peers who are regular smokers. It is more of socialization that may later develop addiction on the part of the teen-smoker. There is no other good recourse to avoid being in this situation other than avoidance not just of cigarette, but also of bad influence; otherwise, strong self-commitment not to smoke could be the best way in avoiding smoke addiction.


Personal Ways to Overcome Your Vice


  • Do not stock cigarettes in your home

  • Avoid smoking while drinking liquors

  • Seek support from peers, friends, and relatives

  • Set limitations when cravings or temptations come along during the withdrawal of habit

  • Consult your doctor for possible treatments or medications


Now you know why you can hardly quit the smoking habit that has already poisoned both your mind and body and affected a lot of people around you. At any rate, it is your control of yourself that would really give end to such a deadly vice. 


About the Author:   Sarah is the writer of East Coast Vapor, an online store for electronic cigarette starter kit. Writing has been her long passion and she has an ambition of publishing her own book. She is also fond of photography, reading and now traveling.

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