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Urgency Required: Quit Smoking

smoking is your free ticket to death

Smoking is an addiction. Despite the world labeling it as a free ticket to death, it is simply hard to quit smoking. Cravings of the physical and psychological needs make it a necessity for a smoker. Smoking kills that's for sure but to quit can't be done in an instant. A gradual process with lots of determination and perseverance has to be taken into consideration.

Smoking is dangerous to our health because of thousands of chemicals found on it. The smoke itself is methane, the chemical we can get from LPG or fuel. Other chemicals include ammonia that is used in fertilizer, cadmium that can be found in battery, arsenic that is poison to human and many others. These chemicals pose threat to a smoker's health and also to secondhand smokers.

The need to quit is urgent for diseases caused by smoking become rampant nowadays. The worst thing is that it becomes contagious and cancerous. It might not be easy to quit smoking or to kill addiction. But with the tips below you can succeed:

  • Be Goal Oriented

Smoking is an act from the mind. You can always stop it, if you decided to. Focus your attention to that goal. Get rid of cigarettes immediately. Also, don't be brainwashed by TV commercials and other peers who don't want to quit smoking.

  • Displace Attention to Valuable things

The habit of smoking starts when you can't do something and you need to relax. But when you divert your attention to other things such as watching movies, peeling oranges, reading newspapers, playing games or bonding with your loved ones, you'll certainly forget about smoking.

  • Act Against Cravings after meals

The best time to smoke is after meals, isn't it? When you feel like smoking, focus your attention to a dessert, candy, or bubble gum. This way your mouth will have something to do. Forget about smoking, think about the apple or banana in your front.

  • Ask for Help

You may not do it alone. You can tell your family members that you have plans of smoking. In this way they can sympathize and will glad to spent time with you. You can also ask them to remind you of your plan of quitting. They will be the ones to keep you away from smoking. You can also ask for some counseling so that you'll learn other techniques of quitting smoking.

  • Don't Go With Social Smoking

When you are at office where your officemates are smoking, you have to tell them that you are quitting smoking and that you can't go with them. Be with those who don't smoke and learn to appreciate the things they do when they kill the time.

There are many psychological ways of quitting smoking. However, if you can't push too much of yourself and cravings are powerful within you, you can resort to e-cigarettes. It is a battery powered device that contains nicotine cartridges that when heated will vaporize and will stimulate the same effect of smoking. It is less dangerous compared to traditional cigarettes since it doesn't contain chemicals present on tobaccos, except nicotine.

E-cigarettes on the other hand are not promoted to non-smokers. It still contains nicotine, the cause of addiction to human. But for smokers who wanted to reduce inhalation of toxic chemicals, ecigarettes are the best alternative. World Health Organization does not prohibit the use of e-cigarettes since it is also helpful in gradually decreasing cigarette consumption. Thus, e-cigarette is also a way to quitting smoking.


ecig to reduce smoking consumption

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