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E-Cigarettes: Favor to Smokers

Health organizations around the world would condemn a person who will stand up and contest the warning labels “cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health”. None will really disagree for a fact that cigarette smoking is responsible for many diseases including cancer, and respiratory and heart diseases. Burning of nicotine and inhaling the vapor it produced do no good for the human body proven by an average death of 440, 000 and 100, 000 people in USA and UK, respectively. However, despite the figures, ask the smokers, and they will agree that it is very hard to quit smoking.


ecig for healthy smokingSmoking become a habit and an addiction for some. Smoking calm a tensed muscle and thus give a feeling of relaxation. However due to it's harmful effects, most regions in the world support a “smoke free environment”. To address the issue of bad habit smoking, e-cigarettes came to existence. Conceived from the idea of Herbert A. Gilbert, perhaps a smoker as well, a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette was made into development by Hon Lik, a chinese pharmacist who has received credits for making the modern e-cigarettes. It is a battery-powered metal cartridges that make users inhale vaporized nicotine-containing liquid and gives the effect of smoking without using tobacco.


There have been regional debates as to how e-cigarettes can replace tobacco in lessening or eliminating the harmful effects to the body. World Health Organization also made its researches regarding e-smoking and other alternatives of it. According to DR. Russell Luepker, the spokesperson from American Heart Association said that the use of e-cigarettes can be less harmful than the ordinary cigarette because it only contains nicotine and not thousands of toxic chemicals present in the latter one.

Another study from Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos during the 2012 European Society of Cardiology, revealed that there is significant correlation between standard tobacco and e-cigarette smoking. His study used with 20- 25 year olds who smoke daily and 22 people with same age who use e-cigarettes. With these two variables, he allowed them to smoke for seven minutes and measured their Myocardial function. Though the study was not yet conclusive, it showed that people who smoked traditional cigarettes got Myocardial dysfunction while other one showed no signs of it. Dr. Farsalinos suggests that e-cigarettes contain 11 milligrams per milliliter of nicotine and will take more than 7 months before a person can absorb same rate of nicotine from smokers who use traditional cigarettes.


The use of e-cigarrettes can give less harmful effects to the human body but it does not suggest for non-smokers to use it. Most of the time e-cigarettes are used by smokers who wanted to reduce cigarette consumption and wanted to eliminate the harmful effects of secondhand smoking.


E-cigarettes are considered favorable innovation as it will cater to people who have been smoking all their lives. It will stimulate the same effect of smoking but generally lessen the danger to the health of the body. Despite all the the promotion of e-cigarettes, when you are not yet into smoking, don't try and live with the rule- “cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health”.



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